The children have returned, well about 97% of them and they are being kept busy. It's great to hear noise around us as we sit in the Office. We have been drawing on their creativity to help us decorate the Cross in the front porch of the Church. The Cross has been in position since Holy Thursday night and has been transformed regularly. I hope that we can continue to make this a focus for as long as our prediciament lasts. It is a wonderful showcase of our faith for all those who pass by. 

It has been a long time since we have been able to use the back entrance from Camelia Street because of the construction of the new playgorund and carpark. It is my pleasure to announce that the works have been completed and we have have a whole aspect to the back of the Church. If you've wondered why your child has come home with pockets, socks or shoes full of white sand, now you know!

This video: Playground Video  (a 15Mb file available for download)...

was prepared for us by Mr. Paul Blinkhoff, the school Principal and gives us walk through and description of the features. As you can see it looks great AND when the government allows us to reopen playgrounds, should prove an exciting addition to our children's lives.