We are still here!

As a result of our present situation Fr. Eric will NOT be leaving us. Once things have returned to normal - that being, normal Masses with crowds attending have resumed, after a few weeks a new date for the transfer of Fr. Eric to Melbourne and the arrival of the new Parish Priest Fr. Basti, will be announced.

Fr. Eric is saying Mass each week day, albeit in private, as well as the Saturday evening Mass in St. Oliver's Church in Cannon Hill and the 8.00am in the Holy Family Church in Tingalpa on Sundays.

In the meantime the Parish Office is still open and both Mary and Gabby will continue to work for us. We will ramp up phone calls to parishioners, trying to stay in contact as best as we can. Of course you are most welcome to us call as well! We are always ready for a chat.

We have been producing the weekly Bulletin and do daily updates to this website. Please use the "Resources and Faith Materials" link on the Homepage.

If there is anything you need, please feel free to contact us.

We have upgraded the Confessional

In response to the Royal Commission we have upgraded the Confessional to meet the standards set. They key factor was to make the room more visible whilst maintaining privacy.

New glass panels have been added for visibility and since they are 'safety' laminated glass, do not allow transmission of sound easily. New side walls were constructed to cover the doors that were the original side porch entry to the Church. The floor has been carpeted, full-length curtains added and the 'Privacy Panel' has been refurbished to fit the design theme of the furnishings in the Church.

The painting on the wall is an extract from the work of Rembrandt entitled, 'The Return of the Prodigal'.

Confessional 1


Confessional 2

Confessional 3


We have a Presbytery

At the beginning of 2018 the Prebytery, located behind the Church at Cannon Hill was transferred over to the Parish School and subsequently demolished. The area became a temporary carpark which has since been transformed, as can be seen below. The funds gained from the transfer of the Title were deposited into an account held by the Parish.

When the Oblates took over the care of the Parish it had been decided that the Parish Priest would live in community at Iona College in Lindum. As religious we do not live alone and the challenge of creating a 'Cluster Community' was put to us. The idea was that we would live, pray and share together even though we engaged in differing ministries: School (Fr. Michael Twigg as Rector with Fr. Lewy Keelty as Chaplain, Rosies (Fr. Casmir Arul as Chaplain) and the Parish Priest of Cannon Hill. As a result there was and for the foreseeable future, no need for the Presbytery in the Parish.

In the time since, the Parish engaged the services of the Archdiocesan Property Management department to look for a suitable house which could be used as a Presbytery. The possession of a Presbytery is a requirement, in Canon Law, for any Parish. In the case of Cannon Hill, the Presbytery would be an asset even though it would not be used as the residence of the Parish Priest. 

On March the 18th of this year final settelement was made on a property adjacent to the Church of the Holy Family in Tingalpa. The house at 58 Palgrave Street is now ours and in the future will be rented out. The income will be a bonus to the Parish as also the fact that the property effectively expands the Church site.

We give thanks for the work of the Archdiocese and know that they will continue to manage the property on our behalf. It has taken time but I am sure you will agree that God has answered our prayers.

We have a Carpark!!